Angry fat pool boys


Out in in L.A. they tend to plaster billboards of upcoming shows all over the place, I don’t know if they do that elsewhere. I keep seeing bus stop ads for “Devious Maids”, from the creators of “Desperate Housewives”. Seems like they’re randomly placing together adjectives and jobs, so I figured I’d give it a shot, see if I could strike gold.

Angry Fat Pool Boys
Mostly Hairless Cable Repairmen
Tone Deaf Taxi Drivers
Unusually Bitter Veterinary Technicians
Halfway Drunk Flight Attendants
Politically Undecided Gardeners
Lactose Intolerant Street Vendors
Minimally Talented Accountants
Old-Enough-To-Know-Better Substitute Teachers
Vitamin C Deficient Insurance Salesmen
Remarkably Gaseous Meter maids

I’ll be honest, I would probably watch at least one episode of Angry Fat Pool Boys just to se what it was about. “Mostly Hairless Cable Repairmen” sounds a little like gay porn, so I don’t know. Feel free to add your own.

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4 thoughts on “Angry fat pool boys

  1. Halfway Drunk Flight Attendants also sounds like gay porn. But, I’d probably watch that one. I’d never watch Mostly Hairless Cable Repairmen. You know their sorry asses never come on time.
    Jenbug recently posted…Yeah, this.My Profile

  2. Angry Fat Pool Boys and Lactose Intolerant Street Vendors both sound like shows I would watch to feel better about myself. Old-Enough-To-Know-Better Substitute Teachers, however, could be funny or disturbing depending on what they’re doing that they should know better than to do.

    How about Disgruntled Judges or Constipated Runners? I think either of those may have some sort of audience out there somewhere.
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