Life is a Massive Sugar Overload/Brain-freeze combo

sugar and frozen beverage timing is critical

sugar and frozen beverage timing is critical

I’ve begun to wonder if the daily dose of information that you glean from social networks is not really fit for human consumption.

Not that it’s not interesting, or entertaining, or often meaningful. To be privy to the trends of behavior, politically, geographically, to see the sharp lines drawn, the judgment, the predictable behaviors (good and bad) of human behavior – maybe that’s the type of information that is meant to be gleaned over a longer span of time, through travel, through real face-to-face interaction – and through the years and adventures you, yourself, will be better prepared to assimilate what you are seeing and fold it into your experience of life. As for me, I’m wondering if it’s too much. Maybe it’s too much for me to take in from a computer screen, maybe I lack the maturity and experience to handle it. Maybe social networks are dripping with concentrated humanity, and it’s simply not good for you, like ripping open a can of frozen orange juice concentrate and gorging on it, then suffering a massive sugar overload/brain freeze combo.

In other words, sometimes I roll my eyes so hard I feel like my eyeballs are gonna fly across the room. Any behavior I see that is the most irritating to me usually strikes me that way because I have felt that way or done the same thing, but I want and expect people to know better and do better. Of course, when someone questions my core beliefs, I feel threatened and want to jump on their shoulders and rip their ears off, like some kind of rabid chimp. Of course I want MY team to win, think MY beliefs are the most awesomest, my choice of burrito is probably more spectacular than yours. Of course, if you like to dip your bread in kool-aid but I don’t, I’m going to think something is wrong with you. Of course, if you drive your 2-year-old around in the back of a pick-up, I’m going to probably think you’re an idiot, because I happen to think an expensive carseat is the only option. Sometimes the way we arrive at our conclusions is very random, influenced by others, and formed by our own very personal experience. Why are we so certain, then, that our conclusions deserve a plaque? I expect more of us.

Maybe the truth is that I can’t handle the truth. Human behavior is predictable, and can often be predicted based on an individual’s location on the planet. I have come to a place where I have to take everything I was taught and hold it up to a very bright light, and hope to God that it doesn’t fall apart with thorough examination, hands trembling, finger on the self-destruct button.

Or maybe my sleep issues are making me kind of “drunk-post”. maybe I need a 1/2 pound of bacon and some fart jokes.

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4 thoughts on “Life is a Massive Sugar Overload/Brain-freeze combo

  1. This is why I like public radio–they frequently do in-depth pieces with interviews and stuff. It seems more organic to me, like a real-er experience (yeah, sorry) than reading something on a screen, no matter how well-written the piece is.


    A man at a dinner party accidentally farted. Another guest exclaimed, “How dare you fart in front of my wife!”

    “I’m so sorry,” the man said. “I didn’t realize it was her turn!”
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  2. I love randomly stumbling across bloggers that resonate with pretty much my entire thought process.

    I wish I could quit Facebook for these exact reasons, but it’s like crack. It makes me feel better about myself, and is far less expensive.
    Claire recently posted…The Jellicle BallMy Profile

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